Bhaya Community Farm - Viet Hai Village

Bhaya Community Farm - Viet Hai Village
Bhaya Community

Bhaya Community Farm - Viet Hai Village

Bhaya Community Farm is re-launched this April with slogan “Xin Chao Viet Hai” as a part of Bhaya Group 2017 CSR’s project.

Bhaya Community Farm is re-launched this April with slogan “Xin Chao Viet Hai” as a part of Bhaya 2017 CSR’s project.


Signage at the gate of Viet Hai village

The farm locates in Viet Hai village - a remote village on Cat Ba Island. Surrounded by Cat Ba national park, Viet Hai is endowed with pristine nature and spectacular scenery. However its seclusion from the outside world cause delay in economic growth. Bhaya Group makes the investment to revitalize the farm as well as help local farmers to cultivate the land. Vegetables grown here are brought back to the kitchen onboard and used as ingredients. This is a way we support the local economy and villagers.

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The path leading to Viet Hai village

You, as our passenger, also gives a helping hand in this project. Bhaya Group organizes visits to the farm and the village during cruise which has become an itinerary highlight and most favorite activity.

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The Au Co’s Guests visit the Community Farm

Within the Bhaya Community Farm campaign, we introduce “Closeup” idea sharing stories about authentic inhabitants at Viet Hai. They are local farmers, villagers who live a simple yet happy life. A life that we - people from hectic city- might see as hard and isolated.  

You will get to know interesting facts about “Island Life” here through our second idea of the same name. It is the fact of an ancient trick of using natural herbs or incredible story and remarkable people during Vietnam war. You can expect to have an authentic experience of primitive culture in the region and deepen it when you really come here.   

Bhaya Community Farm
Mr. Soi & Mrs. Thai have lived in Viet Hai for over 70 years. Mr. Soi explained they were one of the 35 households here during the period of the American War. Life was hard back then although now he is very pleased with Viet Hai’s development such as running water and electricity. The couple was the first to offer homestay accommodation in the Village to foreign visitors back in 1994. 

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Local farmers in the field

In fact, Bhaya Community Farm is delightfully situated in the middle of Cat Ba national park - part of Cat Ba archipelago biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO. Being fully aware of this tremendous value, Bhaya Group actively contributes to conserve the nature. On March 19, Bhaya Group also held a new green initiative - Roots and Fruits campaign here in support of environment preservation.