Bhaya Classic

Bhaya Classic

Since its launch in 2007, Bhaya Classic has pioneered the overnight cruise concept in Halong Bay while offering authentic cruising experiences in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bringing the best value for money and earning the trust of around 35,000 guests each year, Bhaya Classic has earned its leading position as the most trust-worthy cruise provider in Halong Bay.

The 8 Bhaya Classic ships are constructed in a classic, oriental style, while incorporating modern facilities catering to every aspect of passenger comfort. Each ship has between 4 and 20 cabins accommodating 12-40 guests per cruise. The relatively small design of the ships create informal, warm spaces promoting a convivial feel on board.

Key Facts
CrewCREW PER SHIP5 to 25
GuestGUESTS PER SHIP12 to 40
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Cosy and classic

On board, you will find atmospheric spaces which speak of the heritage design, while passenger cabin décor emphasizes comfort and harmony. The small ship concept adopted by Bhaya Classic from its inception encourages a cosy feel, which makes a Bhaya Classic cruise a pleasantly social affair.

  • Bhaya Classic cozy and classic decor
  • Bhaya Classic cruise cozy and classic decor
  • Bhaya Classic Bathroom
  • Bhaya Classic Premium Bacony Cabin
Essential Halong

Bhaya Classic offers itineraries to discover all the prime sights of Halong Bay. The range of activities available are designed to please every guest, whether active or relaxed. Bhaya Classic ensures you make the most of what you can see and do in this World Heritage area.

  • Bhaya Classic essential experience in Halong
  • Bhaya Classic essential experience in Halong Bay
  • Halong Bay Kayaking
  • Sightseeing in Halong Bay
for the money

Book a Bhaya Classic Halong Bay cruise and you can be confident of being well treated, with comfortable accommodation and friendly hospitality, all part of our commitment to provide value for the money. Bhaya Classic delivers an authentic cruise experience guaranteed to make your Halong Bay tour one to remember.

  • Bhaya Classic Cruise Value for money experience
  • Bhaya Classic Cruise Value for Money
  • Bhaya Classic Premium Sundeck
  • Bhaya Classic Spa Service
Bhaya Classic

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