The Annual Refurbishment Of Bhaya Group's fleet

The Annual Refurbishment Of Bhaya Group
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The Annual Refurbishment Of Bhaya Group's fleet

Once a year, Bhaya Group put all of the boats of its fleet in an annual dry dock in turns. The maintenance period of the boats falls into the month of May to September every year.

Serving about 50,000 passengers each year and cruising every day in the tough humid tropical weather of Halong Bay since 2007, the fleet of 17 cruise boats cannot stay away from aging and natural damage. However, there is a reason why Bhaya Group can still maintain the leading and top-notch position among younger teams in the Bay over the past 8 years. The annual 1-2 month scrupulous dry dock of Bhaya Group allows all the ships to be refreshed and renovated to secure perfect safety and facilities throughout.

What happens to Bhaya Group fleet in the dock and off the bay?

Each boat of the fleet is put into dry dock for 1 month in turns, while the rest still cruise in the Bay.

During 1 month resting, what happens to each of our boats?

- Hull’s going under checking to assure the integrity of the steel and boat’s safety

- Engines and technical categories are under maintenance

- Safety equipment is carefully examined and renewed 

- The interior and furniture in cabins, restaurant, bar and sundeck are repainted and polished, resulting in a renovation in appearance

Once out of dry dock, Bhaya Group fleet will slip back to the Bay with remarkable refurbishment of safety equipment, facilities and appearance, hence expected to provide even higher quality service to enhance our guests’ cruising experience.

In the end, putting the ship in a dry dock is not just our annual job, but more about our passion and promise to deliver superlative safety, well-equipped facilities and perfect service to customers.