M.I.C.E Experts in Halong Bay

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M.I.C.E Experts in Halong Bay

With more than 8 years of experience as destination experts in Halong Bay as well as professional organizers of events on board our cruise ships, Bhaya Group has a strong M.I.C.E team providing excellent support and all necessary arrangement for customers. Meet two of our excellent M.I.C.E specialists to hear what they say about making your event more spectacular in Halong Bay.


 What makes Halong Bay stand out among other M.I.C.E destinations in South East Asia?

 Halong Bay has a rare and abundant scenic beauty, archaeological and geological values together with cultural and historical connections. The destination offers the perfect combination of natural and cultural beauty. Halong Bay has a wide variety of venue choices for events, from white sand beaches to spacious caves and the cruise ship sundeck, suitable for both private ceremonies and major group events.

Especially, the various caves in Halong Bay allow us to put on an amazing experience called dinner in cave. Special dinners served in these places of beauty, highlighted with warm flickering candlelight and delicious cuisine, offer a remarkably romantic experience for all M.I.C.E services.


Which M.I.C.E activity is the most popular in Halong Bay?

Currently, Halong Bay is among the most famous destinations for M.I.C.E in South East Asia. During our 9 years operating in Halong Bay, we've hosted hundreds of company gala dinners, conferences and formal meetings. Besides that, couples and families also love the World Heritage Site for private events due to its peacefulness and tranquility. Wedding ceremonies and honeymoons are also among our most popular activities. The spectacular beauty of Halong Bay provides a mystical and romantic background for all events.

What has been the most memorable event during your time working as M.I.C.E specialists of Bhaya Group?

For us, every event is special since each was customized according to customers' request. There was a pirate themed gala dinner, a white ball company party, warm wedding ceremonies and sunflower birthday parties. Each incorporated the unique colors and character of the company or group. As long as our customer is happy with what they experienced, we consider it a memorable and meaningful event.


What do you think about the future of M.I.C.E services in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay has many of the natural features that have made it a competitive destination for M.I.C.E services in the area. It is important for us to sharpen our organizing skills to provide even more satisfying events in the future. Halong Bay will continue to grow as a promising M.I.C.E venue, and service quality will constantly improve to match customer's high requirements.