The crew of passion and innovation

Bhaya Group Staff on board
Cruise with Passion

The crew of passion and innovation

Bhaya Group is proud to have the team of 400 young, enthusiastic local and international staffs who are working passionately behind the scene in Halong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offices, with most of them cruising onboard every day in the water of Halong Bay. Not only contribute to the local labor market, Bhaya Group also presents an outstanding expat team who serve as an important role to bring the international culture to our guests on board.

Bhaya Group staff

Human is taken as the most important factor that brings Bhaya to its current leading position among cruise operators in Halong Bay. Investing in developing human is one of the prioritize mission of Bhaya Group management. In 2015, Bhaya Group opens a training school in Halong Bay, which requires all of our newcomers to go through a training course for 1 month before serving on board.  The school also plays an important role in developing current staffs as various training about service standards, safety, responsible cruising and soft skills are organized every year. In Bhaya Group, we make sure all of our staffs are well prepared and trained before getting into the scene.

Staff on the Au Co cruise

Bhaya’s on board crew is an amazing team who has one of the most unique jobs in the travel industry, which requires them to stay on board cruising in the Bay for 26 out of 30 days a month. What keeps them in the tough job is the unconditional love for the beauty of Halong Bay and the desire to promote this World Heritage Site as well as Vietnam tourism to the world. The staffs’ devotion passion for work is the most precious treasure of Bhaya Group.

With the mindset of “customer first”, the well-trained crew has brought unforgettable cruising experience in Halong Bay to more than 300.000 passengers in the past 8 years.