Captain of the Au Co 2 and His Destiny with the Sea

Le Van Giang Captain The Au Co Cruise
Cruise with Passion

Captain of the Au Co 2 and His Destiny with the Sea

“Born and grown up at Tien Hai, Thai Binh, a poor province in Northern Vietnam, I had a childhood close to countryside waterways. I moved to Halong City 9 years ago as the result of my destiny with the sea and my special love with this place”, said Le Van Giang, Captain of the Au Co 2.

During his career at Bhaya Group, Giang has been worked as many positions from sailor, tender driver, and deputy captain to captain. Many people still keep calling him “Tender-Giang” as they did before though he is now a captain. When he was working as a tender driver, he had opportunities to meet and be trained by experienced captains.

Giang told us his most memorable day in his life was the day his first child was born, July 31, 2011. “I was sheltered with Bhaya Classic 1 from a storm. At 1 am, my wife called and told me she was in labor, since then, I couldn’t take any short sleep. Until 7:30 am, I was informed that she delivered the baby. After the storm, I returned home and saw the sadness in her eyes, she didn’t complain a word though. I was so lucky because she always understands my sea life.”

Giang was proud to be assign as Captain of the Au Co 2, with more responsibility but he proofed his ability and experience to accomplish this position. Together with the staffs on board of the Au Co 2, he has led the big luxury ship in many trips, offering smooth journey to hundreds of guests.